The plastic bags that protect our clothes are now made of 75% recycled plastic. In the future they will be bio-based. This change is part of the many small steps we take every day toward responsible fashion.

The goal, and it has always been the same, is to control our impact on the environment while offering creative and qualitative clothes. Among other things, we have decided since 3 seasons to produce our pants in France, the rest still in Europe, to use organic cotton oeko tex dyed in France for our sweatshirts and t-shirts, to almost completely eliminate our use of polyester, to not overproduce to compensate for the decline in margins in fashion but to improve our product and its durability again and again. All our pieces are developed in our Paris studio.

Coltesse is not an eco-responsible brand and we are aware of the way to go. Our dream, that it will no longer be a selling point, but the new normal.