Coltesse produces in France and Europe timeless and comfortable essentials to wear from Monday to Sunday. A nonchalant and eco-conscious wardrobe that calls for travel, encounters and lightness.


Coltesse's ambition: to translate notions of ease, elsewhere and relaxation, by playing on the choice of materials, volumes and details.


Between a rigorous sophistication for an everyday wardrobe and a freedom of movement, our creations find their inspiration in workwear, tailoring and small touches of sportswear.
Coltesse aims to be an active participant in a cosmopolitan Paris that is open to the world.

Coltesse is a reference to Bernard Marie Koltès, self-taught author of contemporary theater. With his singular style that breaks with his time, his work depicts the perpetual attempt to communicate between Humans.


All the pieces are developed in-house, in our Parisian studio, from the first canvas testing the volumes to the material tests. Production is done in France and in Europe. The continuous improvement of the production process is part of the brand's DNA. The ambition is to create to last, in the respect of the humanity and the planet.

Coltesse is an eco-conscious house in a world of challenges. Florent Coltesse, the brand's creator, is constantly seeking a balance between its creative proposals and ecological convictions

The fabrics in natural materials are privileged,
Sweatshirts and t-shirts are made of organic cotton,
Buttons are made of mother-of-pearl or bio-sourced materials,
Zippers are nickel-free,
Italian and Japanese fabrics are subject to precise sourcing,
The wools come from breeding respecting the animal welfare,
The list is not exhaustive and grows longer season after season.


Humanity and encounters are at the heart of Coltesse's identity.


Since September 2020, thanks to the pre-sale offered on a selection of pieces at a special price, we have been optimizing stocks by producing only for you in our Parisian and French workshops. A local production allows us less transport, a better follow-up of the productions and better delays. It is essential for us to promote the local activity and know-how to create.



Creation of Coltesse in Paris.
First showroom at the Paris Fashion Week.
The first productions are launched in Europe.


Selection and installation of the Coltesse studio in the Ateliers de Paris.
First showroom at the Tokyo Fashion Week.


Opening of the first workshop/store at the Viaduc des Arts in Paris.
Elaboration of an internal charter aiming at the continuous improvement of Coltesse's environmental impact.


Relocation of part of the production to France.


Selection and participation in the Labels program of the l'Institut Français de la Mode.
Finalist for the Grand Prix de la Création de la ville de Paris.


Coltesse receives the Made in Paris label for its fenté coat, jury prize for the Fashion and accessories category.
Launch of pre-orders on a selection of exclusive pieces.


Installation of the workshop in La Caserne, ecological transition accelerator dedicated to fashion. The opportunity to continue to develop this ambition to create to last and with respect for humanity and the planet.


Grand Prix de la Création de la Ville de Paris.